Making your own Christmas presents and buying handmade

This year for Christmas I'm either making presents or buying handmade gifts from awesome, small businesses. 

Making gifts for friends and family is always great! Coming up with the idea or finding a lovely sewing/knitting/crochet pattern to use is half the fun, including going to find that perfect fabric pattern or soft, snuggly wool. This year I'm knitting a load of goodies for family but can't say what...or show a sneak peek as it would ruin the surprise! I particularly like knitting gifts because it means you can watch a good film at the same time or work your way through a cracking tv series! Although, I may well be knitting until the eleventh hour at this rate as I've got loads of work on and other commitments all the way up to Christmas!

Shopping handmade is real important to me. As a small business owner myself, I think it's essential to support your fellow sellers. They work really hard and their products come totally from the heart, are unique and not mass produced....and buying from them makes their day!

Are you making your own gifts this year or buying from small businesses? Any recommendations? I'd love to hear what you're making and who you're buying from this year!

Joanna PayneCreativeComment