Make your own gift wrap Christmas ribbon!

Hola folks! Today I'm sharing this DIY ribbon post again. It's a great Christmas handmade project for adding a little something extra to the whole festivities! Just think what your bestie, other half or aunt Mavis will say when they see your handmade ribbon, beautifully wrapping up their pressies!

Oh and did I say this project is totally addictive AND easy peasy lemon squeezy? Ha, well it really is. It's a super DIY for all ages, can be done in front of the tv (in the run up to Christmas), is really portable and doesn't require expensive, bizarre tools. Good eh?!

So, lets get cracking! And don't forget to send me your pics of your finished ribbon! :-)

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • 7 x 2 metres of embroidery thread and/or ribbon in any colours of your choice (this makes 1 meter of ribbon)
  • Some Christmas tunes to sing along to (optional)

  • Cut out an octagon (8 sided shape).
  • Cut 1cm slits into each side of the octagon and a hole in the middle.
  • Place your 7 threads/ribbons together and tie a knot at one end. Slip this through the hole in the middle of your octagon.

  • On the opposite side to the knot, slot each thread through the 1cm slits. The eighth slit does not have a ribbon in it. This is called the working slit.

  • Take the third ribbon from the working slit (this is the red ribbon pictured below) and pull it over the ribbons (these are the pink and orange ribbons in the picture below) clockwise and slot it into the working slit.

  • Like so...

  • You now have a new working slit.
  • Take the third ribbon from the working slit (this is now the blue ribbon as pictured below) and pull it over the ribbons clockwise (these are the yellow and green ribbons in the picture below) and slot it into the new working slit.

  • Like so...

  • Repeat this pattern and your ribbon will start to grow out of the reverse side of your octagon, like so...

  • And grow, and grow....

  • ...until you approach the end of your threads/ribbons. When you do reach the end of your threads/ribbons, remove them from the slits, place them together and tie a knot. Cut the loose ends down, so that they're neat, tidy and the same size as each other. You now have homemade ribbon, perfect for wrapping up Christmas presents with!

I chose rainbow coloured embroidery threads but you could choose any range of colours or use different types of thread and ribbon; maybe some glittery thread to add a touch of sparkle! You can also make your ribbon as long or as short as you wish and ooh, maybe one made out of wool. In fact I might give that a go!

Don't forget to send me your pics when you're done. If I have enough pics I'll showcase them on my blog.

Happy Christmas crafting!