Hanky history, part 2

Last week I was talking all about the history of the hanky - seeing as I make and sell them in my online shops, it seemed rather fitting to find out more about the background. It transpired there is quite a bit of history about that square piece of cloth, to the point that I had enough material for part 2, woo!

Did you know that  handkerchiefs were so highly thought of that they were listed in Wills? They could be so expensive that some Brides would have to borrow them on their wedding day, rather than buy a new one. And on that topic of weddings, hankies were apparently used to send secret, explicit messages as part of courting, oooooh! According to Handkerchief Heroes, Queen Elizabeth I developed a whole language of handkerchief gestures, my my!

In the 1930s,  handkerchiefs became the only affordable accessory and became so fashionable that Vogue magazing would feature a handkerchief of the month. I think we should see the return of this! 

In the 1950s hankies were all the rage and commercial artists used them to feature their designs. For me this brings to mind the world of Man Men and Don Draper. He pretty much always had his handkerchief neatly folded in his suit jacket and here's a great tutorial for folding your hanky Don Draper style.

Sooo, tell me, are you a hanky fan? What is it about handkerchiefs that you like? I'd love to hear your thoughts folks! 


The above handkerchiefs are designed by Adventures & Tea Parties and can be purchased online here.