Handmade Christmas Accessories

I think it's safe to say that Christmas is on the horizon and so I have filled my online shops with my handmade goodies, which make perfect chrimbo gifts! I will be sharing a selection of these over the next few weeks, giving you a taster of what I design, make and sell.This weekend it's all about my Christmas inspired designs, with this selection of handmade handkerchiefs and brooches.

Starting out as sketches - usually drawn on scraps of paper on the kitchen table (maybe I'll add a sketch book to my Christmas list? ;-) ), I then fine tune these designs by testing the embroidery of them on to fabric in a range of colours, until I'm happy with the right combination.

Each handkerchief is made entirely from scratch on my trusty machine, with each of my Christmas designs hand embroidered in the corner. Due to the detail, these are made to order only and are gift wrapped for free in these cute boxes, with pretty shredded paper. 
These are available to purchase in both my NOTHS and Etsy shops.

And here are my Christmas brooches! These are miniture versions of the Christmas designs above, which I've hand embroidered on to calico fabric, before hand pressing them on to a button and topping them off with a brooch pin at the back. These are also made to order and come in free and cute gift wrapped boxes! They are available in both my NOTHS and Etsy shops.

Next weekend I'll be sharing more of my handmade accessories. Until then, have a great weekend everyone and remember to shop handmade for Christmas!
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