New shop product!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen that I was getting rather excited over a new product idea on Monday. In fact, I got so over excited that I just got straight on and made it, tested it, photographed it and well uploaded it into my NOTHS and Etsy shops on Tuesday! I absolutely LOVE that exhilaration you get when a design idea comes to mind and you can't help but throw yourself into it!

Anyway, I should really introduce this new guy shouldn't I? Ok, so in the words of a best friend, drum roll, fig roll, sausage roll....

Introducing the Autumnal Accessory Gift Set, ta da!

This entirely handmade gift set comes in a choice of three fabric patterns and includes: one pocket sized handkerchief, a matching button ring and pendant. The pendant comes with a choice of silver or gold plated and oval or round frames. 

This is also a double-whammy of new designs, as this gift set comes in my new gift wrap boxes, with my Adventures & Tea Parties logo stamped on the top of the box (pic at bottom of this post).

Soooo, what do you reckon? Are these a goer? I'd love to hear your thoughts folks!

Joanna PayneDesign, ShopComment