Guest Post Tutorial - DIY Wall Art

Today the lovely Brittany from Midwest Girl. Big City Style. is guest posting, while I head off to a wedding! Brittany's a crafty lady from across the pond in NYC and today she's sharing a fab tutorial, which is a perfect weekend project. So, without further ado, lets hand over to Brittany!
Hi Adventures and Tea Parties readers! Here’s a super simple DIY wall art project.  I made it for my little girl’s nursery which is Paris themed, but you could use this anywhere and it’s also a great go-to for personalized gifts! 
What You’ll Need:
- A canvas of any size (It doesn’t even have to be blank!)
- Scrap fabric large enough to cover canvas
- Modge podge & paintbrush or spray adhesive
- Scissors
- Felt
- Iron-on letters & iron
- Jewels, sequins or anything else you want to jazz it up!
Let’s Get Started:
1. First we’re going to cover our canvas. *If you’re using an old one with something already on it make sure it won’t show through your chosen fabric. If it does, simply glue on some plain white paper before the fabric! Coat your canvas in a thin layer of Modge Podge or spray it really well with spray adhesive. Press the fabric down firmly smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles. Trim any excess fabric to about an inch (depending on how deep your canvas sides are) all the way around.
2. Make two cuts into the fabric to the edges of your canvas on each corner (cutting out a little square) to ensure a perfect fit. Coat the edges with mode podge or spray glue and smooth down the fabric on all sides, trimming any excess.  
3. Next decide what you want your wall art to say. It could be a quote, a saying, a song lyric, even your name! I went with “Je t’aime”, which means I love you in French. Follow the directions for your specific iron on letters or you can even glue them on, just make sure they are secure and dry before moving to the next step.
4. Now for the art, continuing with my Parisian theme I made the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower out of white felt. You can create your own silhouettes, make flowers or anything else you please to decorate your wall art. Stuck for ideas? Feel free to cut out my template above! *Tip: if you’re making your own, try drawing only half on a folded sheet of paper first to ensure that both sides are perfectly symmetrical! 
5. Jazz it up with sequins, jewels or anything else you please! I wanted to keep mine simple but cute, so I glued on a few jewels to add some bling to my baby girl’s canvas. 
6.Gift it or hang up and enjoy!
Hope you have fun making this wall art your very own!
What a great tutorial, thanks so much Brittany!