Adventures in the garden: veg tops

Vegetables are such beautiful creatures. Their different shapes, colours, and textures. I love growing them and seeing how they develop and form. Watching them go from seed to vegetable produces a mixture of feelings in me: excitement, admiration, and peace. I don't know what it is about gardening and being out in the garden but it's almost like a form of meditation for me. I feel so calm and unbelievably happy that I can't help but notice the change in myself. My shoulders relax, any tension in my body lifts and my mind is at one with itself.

This year has been the first time I've combined this feeling and love of all things green, with my other love - my camera, Beryl. On sunny days I've found myself grabbing Beryl and racing out into the garden to snap pics of those veggies. You would think the world was going to end the speed at which I was running into the garden.

In September I was admiring how the veggies in my little plots looked from a bird's eye view and so, I tried to capture what the resident Black Bird might see when perched on the fence. Granted the Black Bird would have to be digging for worms to view the fennel at that angle! ;-)

I particularly love the beetroots and carrots and boy oh boy it's harder than it looks pulling carrots up! There was me bumbling along, thinking I'll just pull a few carrots up for tea but ha! They are tough little ladies. Their roots hold strong and the only method is to get the fork out and carefully dig them up. This discovery made me admire them that little bit more.

This may be the last gardening post for a little while but we'll see. I may be able to slip one more in before Xmas - the late batch of sprouting broccoli is certainly ready for its photo shoot!