Adventures in the Garden: Veg Plot

I'm writing this post whilst looking at my warm, sunny, green garden. Right now, everything looks vibrant and fresh and so, so, so much bigger than these seedlings I snapped back in July.

Above are my four veggie plots, sprouting a mixture of vegetables, herbs, flowers, salad leaves...and the odd random plant that somehow made its way to the veggie party! Birds perhaps helping me plant some seeds? Maybe so.
As the seedlings came up in July, the local gang of cats started to prefer it as their toilet destination...err, thanks cats. So, I found every bit of spare chicken wire, old wooden climbers...anything that could deter the odd visitor or two. It seemed to do the trick and the plants were happy, despite looking like prisoners.
And then they grew and grew and grew....and demanded more and more water...and more and more attention...picking, pruning, weeding...I love all these little jobs and could quite easily do them all day long. Gardening is definitely my little oasis of calm and relaxation.
What I've been most excited about (aside from some of the veggies I'll be sharing over the next few weeks) is my little plot of herbs. I've never had herbs grow so voraciously. Just look at them now!! I'm soooo happy with them...and cor blimey, they taste amazing!! We're having herbs with pretty much every meal now and that's one of the many, many things I love about growing your own, especially herbs. You can go mad and have them with everything, without paying a comparable fortune in the supermarket for some squashed herbs in a plastic bag. It's a no brainer.
Next in this little ol' blog series of mine will be all about veggies from above!
Have you been growing any plants this year? Have you got a favourite and what do you love about growing your own? I'd love to hear from any green fingered friends out there!
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