Adventures in the garden: French Runner Beans

This year I tried my hand at growing French Runner Beans for the first time. 
Starting them off in my little plastic greenhouse, I thought they would never make the light of day as the slugs almost demolished them. Pesky little blighters! Thankfully, the slugs were "disposed" of and the beans survived and made it to the great outside, where they grew....

...and grew...

...and grew!

They seemed pretty happy with the old bits of fence I popped in the plant pot, using it as a nifty climbing frame. And oooh, I loved seeing how they would wrap themselves around the frame and climb up and up and up! It actually made me stare in awe and amazement at them. Plants are incredible and yes, I'm a total confessed, geek about them. I mean just look at that! Wow!

And don't get me started on the day I saw my first little bean sprout! I think the whole neighbourhood heard my squeals of delight, "my first bean, my first bean, eeeek!"

Since that first bean, I have had a tonne of them! The more I pick, the more they grow and I'm still picking! And cor blimey, they taste A.MA.ZING! Seriously, homegrown tastes sooooooooooooo much better. They are absolutely gorgeous!

This is how they're looking at the moment. Oh and those bright, orange flowers are marigolds, which are super happy to be paired up with the beans. For a while I was wondering if they were trying to compete and grow as tall as the beans. I'm planning to pick a bunch and pop them in a kilner jar flower vase.

I cannot wait to grow beans again next year. I think I might try some peas out as well. 

Have you been growing your own veg this year? I'd love to hear all about it!

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