Adventures at End of the Road festival

Just over a week ago, I went on an adventure to North Dorset for the End of the Road festival. I went with the soul reason of seeing three acts - Lucius, Deer Tick and Benjamin Clementine - and to dance with friends. 
Having hyped it up in my head a "little" too much, I was rather nervous that it wouldn't deliver but boy oh boy did it deliver! I've been to some pretty awesome festivals in my time, Primavera, ATP, Summer Sundae, Glastonbury but I think this one might just have stolen top spot.
Everything about it rocked! The atmosphere and crowd was the friendliest bunch ever; the size, layout and vicinity of the campsite to the stages was perfect; the food and drinks were really varied (if a little pricey but I was relieved to be paying the same price for something I wanted to drink , rather than watered down lager); the toilets were the cleanest I've ever seen at a festival and the hot showers and clean! And well, the bands and the dancing were second to none!
Here's a terrible picture I took on my phone of Lucius. They were on the main stage early afternoon and put on the best show! The size of the crowd easily doubled throughtout their set and no one wanted them to stop! I danced all the way through and could have cried they were so damn good!
I've been continuing to play them none stop since I got home and have just discovered the NPR Music Tiny Desk Company on Youtube, which features amazing bands and artists literally playing in an office. The set by Lucius is fantastic...
Something I love about going to festivals is discovering bands you've never heard of before and two that stood out for me were Tune Yards and Hookworms. I've come home wanting to listen to them none stop....
I think it's safe to say that half of the festival was taken up with dancing with old friends and new. Every night we all went to the Forest Disco to dance until we couldn't dance any more. Now, if you're wondering what the Forest Disco is, well it's actually a lit up disco floor in a forest on the festival site. It was amazing and my idea of heaven! 
Here's an absolutely awful picture of the entrance into the forest disco, which doesn't do it justice at all!
Since arriving home I have not felt the same and have terrible festival blues...the sign of a good festival me-thinks. I am now literally counting the days until End of the Road festival 2015!