Working for myself: First Month

I officially went part time on the day job a month ago. That's 3 days on the day job, 2 days on Adventures & Tea Parties. My first day on A&TP? Well, it was pretty dreadful in terms of business but great for the long list of household chores. Yup, my first day I got totally distracted. As it was a sunny day, all the possible washing combinations got washed, dried and put away...and the garden finally got mowed and weeded. Woops!

So, the second day, I sat down and made a plan - a 6 month plan of targets and a weekly routine. One month in and I'm sticking to it but I've certainly learnt a few things.

I thought I'd have no problems getting motivated, being the kind of person who can't sit still but I failed that on the first day. My motivation went into the boring jobs. I'm not sure why. Maybe a mixture of nerves at this whole new world I was and am entering? Maybe not knowing where to start and a slight freak out at the pressure I had suddenly put on myself? 

I'm trying not to worry about why I initially reacted like that and instead get on and enjoy the ride. Doing that means I've got to remember to treat it like a normal day at the day job: get ready for work, turn up on time, have a lunch break and have a clocking off time. It would be all too easy to work on through to the small hours because I love everything about my business but that way burn out lies, so being realistic and sensible it is. I now have time allocated to orders, admin, finances, marketing and pushing my business forward through setting monthly goals. One month in and the routine's happening. 

Oh and getting dressed for work I've suddenly realised helps get me motivated and by that I mean actually putting some nice clothes on and not just sitting in my studio with some old jeans and t-shirt. Now I'm not suggesting I'm putting my finest party frock and high heels on but instead I'm picking some nicer items out of the wardrobe to give a little boost to the ol' self esteem. It works a treat!

Sooo, that's where I'm at on my first month in. Bit of a rambly post I know but it's all new territory, so a ramble/diary type blog post is where it's at.

Do you work for yourself? What are your biggest hurdles? Do you have any tips or advice? I'd love to hear from all you fellow working-for-yourself folk!