New design: Stripes!

I am a self confessed breton top addict! I love anything with stripes, so with that in mind I got to thinking that some stripey themed jewellery would go great with a stripey top, cotton trousers and a denim jacket. A perfect little outfit for the end of summer, with the mornings and nights getting a touch cooler. 

So, I've created a whole stripe themed jewellery collection, which includes rings, necklaces and cufflinks. They're available in both my Etsy and NOTHS shops. And remember girls, we can wear cufflinks too! I'm currently thinking about switching the metal buttons on my denim jacket sleeves for stripey cufflinks - a great trick for sprucing up a jacket!

What do you think? Would you like to see other stripe colours? Are you a breton top addict like me? I'd love to hear anything stripe related!