Adventures in the Garden: Squash

This week I'm looking at a new garden veggie for me, the squash. 

I love squash (baked, fried, steamed, pureed up in a soup...). It's the such a versatile veg and soooo tasty. I was therefore pretty keen to have a go at growing it myself. So, I took the same method I use for courgettes each year (read my post on this here) and planted more seeds than I needed. Either luck was on my side or I didn't need to follow this method as four out of four sprouted successfully in my little plastic greenhouse!

I potted them into a big terracotta pot, full of fresh compost and well watered before the seedlings went in. Immediately they flopped :-( I'm guessing the sudden change of temperature from the greenhouse to the outdoors didn't help.

It was then a bit of waiting game to see what would come of them and phew, they sprang back to life and started growing....

Now, I had read that they like room to sprawl and crawl across the veg patch but I wasn't quite expecting them to do this! They LOVE space! Although, there are four in this pot, so maybe I wouldn't need as many plants next time?! 

I don't know why but they kinda remind me of a waterfall, tumbling out of the pot. Would love to know how they would look planted straight into the ground.

I'm yet to try one as I've decided to let them grow a little more, although I'm thinking this one might be ripe for the picking soon! Eek, can't wait! Just need to decide how to cook it. Decisions, decisions!

What have you been growing in the garden? Have you given squash a go?

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