New Series: Adventures in the Garden: Before and After

If you follow me on Twitter and especially Instagram, you'll probably have got the hint that I luuuuurve gardening, plants, veggie plots, flowers and generally growing stuff! Soooo, I decided I love it so much that I'd not only keep a record in my trusty notebook but I'd also keep a record on my bloggity blog! 

The kind of things I'm planning to include in the series are: veggie plot progress (and failure!) reports, queries about gardening in general, garden photography, and my feelings and passion for all things flora and fauna! If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can follow me on Bloglovin, so that you never miss a post!

Righto! Lets get digging! 

This is the first garden I've ever owned, i.e. I have just bought our very own home. I've been here since August and well, lets just say, the garden didn't get much love from the previous owner. Here's a before and after shot. If you look closely you'll see a gorgeous, brick work edging all around the lawn. This was so overgrown I had no clue it was there until I started digging the borders. And the shed, well, why on earth would you put a shed in the sunny corner of the garden? And a shed with holes in the roof. Several hours and lots of hammering later, that bad boy was brought down! Ahhh, much better!

6 months later, I've replaced the fence (the picture doesn't quite do it justice but lets just say it was ready to collapse), weeded both borders, planted LOADS of flowers, filled the greenhouse with seedy goodness and created a veggie patch. Here's a little before and after shot. Due to the size of this sunny corner, I created four plots, with a pathway around them, so that they are accessible and easier to manage. I've planted a load of seeds and covered them to protect them from the birdies.

And ooh, did I mention? I have a little pond. It's teeny tiny but has about 15 frogs in it. How do I know this? Well, I previously empted the whole thing, rescued all the froggies, with the aim of them being adopted by a fellow pond owner. Life then got in the way, it rained A.LOT, the pond filled back up and the frogs jumped out of their temporary home and back into the pond. They seem to be happy, so rather than put them through that ordeal again, they're staying put...for now.

Ribbit ribbit!

In my next post, I'm going to be sharing some flower close ups, so stay tuned if flowers and photography are your thing!

Do you have a veggie plot? What do you love about gardening? I'd love to hear all your gardening thoughts and tales, so please do share in the comments below!
With lots of flora and fauna love,