My first days of working for myself

This is the second week of working part time on my day job and part time on my business and it feels straaaange!

Last week, I woke up on Monday morning and immediately felt guilty. Shouldn't I be racing around the house, packing up orders, tweeting, eating breakfast, half writing a blog post, packing my bag, shoving some washing on and all before dashing out the house to my day job as a Librarian? My second thought was, is this actually happening? Have I dreamt it? Did I get my days confused and should I actually be at work? Nope, it was and is happening!

So far I've only had 3 days at home working on A&TP and I've quickly realised three things:

1) Time flies when you're doing something you love

2) There isn't enough time in the day for doing the job you love

3) Even with the extra time to focus on the business, it feels like there's more to do and the to-do list currently looks ridiculous!

I've been running A&TP for well over a year now, have learnt loads along the way and with that, I thought I'd be fully prepared for going part time. In actual fact, I didn't realise quite how daunting it would be! It feels like there is more to consider. 

Soooo, I'm trying to put together a 6 month plan of things I want to achieve and things I've got to consider to make working part time work for me and my business. I'm also going to start planning my weeks more effectively, allowing time for spending quality time with friends and family, relaxing, exercising and keeping up with my hobbies. The theme therefore at the moment in this new adventure is getting myself ORGANISED!

Do you work freelance or run your own business? What do you do to keep focused and organised?