Guest Post Tutorial: How-to upcycle a jar to store your craft supplies

Hi everyone! Today, the super talented Hannah from Rose Tinted Crafting is guest posting with her awesome upcycled craft supply jars tutorial. Just look how cute those jars are, awww! I can't wait to give this a go! So, without further ado, it's over to Hannah!

I am trying to get organised with my craft supplies at the moment as I spend far too much time rummaging through boxes and draws looking for things. One of my favourite ways to store my bits and bobs is using glass jars with decorated lids. I like the fact I can actually see my supplies when they are in jars, nothing gets lost and I know if a supply is running low. They are especially good for storing small items in, such as paper clips, buttons and elastic bands. 

Instead of using the expensive glass jars you can find in department stores, however, I upcycle food jars I have at home. 

If you would like to make an upcycled jar you will need:

a glass jar with screw lid (such as a jam or pasta sauce jar 
I used a pesto jar because I liked the small size). 
fabric, big enough piece to cover the outside of your lid
glue, such as PVA or Modge Podge
a paint brush or sponge to apply the glue
• scissors


1. Start by washing your jar. If the label doesn't come off easily, soak in warm soapy water until it peels off.

2. Once dry, apply glue (thinly so it doesn't seep through the fabric) to the outside of the lid, to the top and around the edge.

3. Lay your fabric on top of the lid and smooth out and over the edge of the lid. The fabric may need to be snipped in places around the edge and glued down if it doesn’t lay flat. Cut the fabric around the edge, leaving a little extra fabric allowance to fold over the rim.

4. Hold the fabric in place whist it is drying (I used mini pegs to keep the fabric glued down but you can just glue a little at a time and hold down with your fingers if you don’t have any pegs). Allow time to dry.

5. When the lid is dry your jar is ready to be filled. 

As a decorative touch after I had filled my jars, I also added some twine and a label. 

Tip: If the fabric you are planning to use is a very light colour and you think the writing on the lid and colour may show through, go over the lid first with a white pen or paint. Alternatively, glue some white tissue paper to the lid first, allow to dry, then glue the fabric on top. 

Thank you so much, Hannah! What a fun and easy tutorial! I especially love the twine and label as an extra touch!

I hope you've all enjoyed this tutorial. Do send me your pics of your finished masterpieces! And stay tuned as we have more tutorials on the way!

Happy crafting!

All the photos and tutorial instructions are the copyright of Hannah from Rose Tinted Crafting. Please do not use without seeking permission first, thank you.