What do you love about making, creating and crafting?

On my cycle ride home from work, I regularly pass a little bungalow where, in one of the front rooms, is a table, close up to the window. On the table is a sewing machine, which I often see a lady sat in front of, sewing what I guess is her latest project. She’s not there every day. On those days maybe she’s off fabric shopping or maybe she’s facing up to those boring jobs we all have to do – if only those jobs would magically disappear, so that we could sew, make and create all day and all night! When she is there, she has that expression all you makers and creators will know all too well. It’s a mixture of serenely focused concentration, happiness and that thrilling buzz you get when making. I love seeing that feeling on her face because I recognise the emotion. It makes me feel like I’m part of a special gang, who only knows that look if you’re a maker, creator and crafter yourself.

The other day, as I cycled passed and saw the solitary sewing machine without it’s maker, it got me wondering what it is about making that is so exhilarating. So, I thought I would try and put down in words what it is about making that I love so much, with the hope that you too, will feel inspired to write in the comments below what it is about making that you love so much.

So, here goes!

1.       I love that buzz you get from first coming up with an idea, then watching the idea grow as you make it with your own hands

2.       I love learning new tips and tricks. It’s like finding a magic key to a fun short cut.

3.       I love seeing people craft in public, especially knitters and I love crafting in public myself, it gives me a real buzz, as though I shouldn’t be doing it.

4.       I love giving gifts that I’ve made, knowing that it’s a completely unique present.

5.       I love seeing and admiring something I’ve made. Seeing a cushion cover I created is way more thrilling than a shop bought one.

6.       I love it when someone compliments you and asks where you got that dress from and you get to reply that you made it!! This is pretty rare in my case, seeing as I’m still learning the art of dress making but the first time it happened, I was wearing the material I bought that day at the local fabric shop. I was so eager to test drive the dress, I wore it to the pub and a lovely lady, came up to me at the end of the night and said she’d been looking at my dress all night and would I mind telling her where I got it from. I nearly fainted!

7.       I love how there are no rules. You can make whatever you like. Combine any colour combinations or fabrics and generally have LOADS of fun experimenting.

8.       I love seeing old projects, which went wrong. It makes me realise how much I’ve learnt and continue to do so.

9.       I love that feeling when you simply can’t stop making. That feeling of “surely, I don’t need to go bed, I could just work through the night?!” I have certainly been known to work on projects well into the small hours, as well as knitting in bed.

10.   I love the whole making and creating online world of blogging, Instagram, twitter etc. It’s simply A.MA.ZING! Since I've started blogging, I've met so many awesome, creative people, who are so inspiring. Being part of that online crafting world is something pretty special.

What is it about making, creating and crafting that you love so much?