Review: Speedy Stamps

Recently, the folks over at Speedy Stamps got in touch to ask if I would like to test drive one of their custom made stamps. What with my recent re-brand, I jumped at the chance to see how 'Adventures & Tea Parties' and my tag line would look. So, after replying with a big, YES PLEASE, THANK YOU! I sent them this image to make into a stamp:

Within a matter of days, my custom made stamp arrived in the post.

Boy oh boy was I instantly impressed!!! It looked just like the image I sent over....and I hadn't even inked it up yet!

Having been offered a black, blue, red, green or violet ink to go with, I decided on black as I thought that might look more classy on paper and parcels.  The ink pad is a generous size, so I reckon I could get lots of stamping out of this!

After pressing the stamp on to the ink pad, I just had to see what it looked like before the ink hit the paper. Doesn't it look awesome!

I pressed the stamp firmly into the ink pad once, then stamped it on to white paper, producing the top left image. Without re-inking the stamp, I produced the bottom right image. I love the top image and I also quite like the bottom image but if you're going for a clear stamped image, then one press in the ink is all you need.

As I'll mainly be stamping my shop order parcels, I decided to give it a go on a jiffy bag and voila, it came out a treat!

I'm super chuffed with my custom made stamp. Not only is the brand style of Adventures and Tea Parties crystal clear and exactly as it was originally designed but it works brilliantly on paper and parcels, which is great for my online shops!

I can't wait to start sending out my handmade accessories in parcels stamped with my shop name and I cannot recommend them enough! Thanks so much Speedy Stamps!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.