Review: Flocon de neige tea by The Kettle Shed

This is the last in my series reviewing four types of The Kettle Shed tea and this week I'm supping on Flocon de Neige!

After seeing the above pic if you are now wondering if that is just a flower in a cup. Well, actually yes, it is a flower in a cup and actually, it is a tea and isn't it just beautiful!!!

I couldn't quite believe it, when this little plastic wrapped bud of tea leaves literally blossomed into a flower.

To brew the tea, I simply popped it in my little ol' tea pot, poured boiling water on top, and left it for 10 minutes before carefully placing it in my Granny's china cup. I then slowly poured the fragant smelling, golden tea over the top of the flower and voila, this is how it looked. Isn't it so pretty! I've truly never seen anything like it!

And ooh the taste! It had slight sweet, citrus notes and the vague hint of green tea. It was delicious and the flavours would balance nicely with some cake, maybe a fruit loaf.

After cooing over it, I decided this would be perfect for a tea, cake and craft party with the girls or even for a birthday party or hen do. The floral tea is way too pretty and special to be drunk every day; it needs to be given a little limelight. Trust me, when you brew it, you won't want to throw it away and yes, I kept this flower in the cup all day to admire it. Now, I don't know another tea that would live up to that!

Thank you, Zoe at the Kettle Shed for supplying me with such beautiful tea. You made one tea snob very happy!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.