Quick Tutorial: Dried Chilli Display

This tutorial comes with a warning: the prep part takes ages but the making part is so unbelievably easy!

All you need is a bunch of chillies. Now instead of making your speciality chilli con carne, don't do anything with them, except to pop them in a dry place. For example, we leave ours with our garlic, which sits in a little wooden bowl in the pantry.

Now here comes the boring bit: walk away, forget about them and come back to them in a couple of months. Yup, after a couple of months they will have dried out and should look like this.

They will keep for long time, so don't worry about an exact time to take them out the pantry/cupboard/garlic bowel. Just keep an eye on them, then when they start to dry (and you've got a handful of them), group them together and wind some twine/string/embroidery thread around the tops of the chillies, leaving a long trail to hang them up with.

Ta da, you have a bunch of awesome looking dried chillies (just like they do in restaurants!), ready to hang up! And that's it! Told you it was easy. The only tough bit is waiting for them to dry out.

I hope you like this quick yet long tutorial. Check out my other tutorials, which include some great makes by guest bloggers! 

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