Review: White Tea By The Kettle Shed

Hello! It's time for the 3rd part of my 4 part series, reviewing tea samples from the Kettle Shed and this week it's all about White Tea.

I have to confess, when I saw this cute heart shaped tin, full of white tea leaves, I actually squealed with delight! Not only is the tin suuuuuuper cute but I LOVE white tea! I first tasted it yonks ago, when I went for a tea and sandwich party with friends, so I was delighted to try it again.

On the back of the tin were instructions on how to brew the tea - the temperature, the amount needed and how long it should be brewed for. As a total fuss pot when it comes to leaving my tea to brew properly, I love this detail. It's essential for all tea and it cannot be truer that teas need to brewed for different lengths of time in order to fully appreciate the taste.

After cooing over this detail, I was soon oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous Egg Tea Infuser. It's perfect for making a cup of tea, with fresh tea leaves and just look at all the other Kettle Shed infusers! I want them all!

After infusing the white tea leaves for 3 minutes, I poured out this light, delicate looking tea into one of my Granny's china tea cups and the taste was simply wonderful. It's a very gentle, sweet taste and totally sooths the soul. One for those calm, quiet moments, when all you want to do is sit, drink tea and watch the butterflies dance over the garden. Bliss.


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.