Review and Tutorial: Card Bunting

When Eccentric Fox got in touch asking if I would like to test drive some of their products, I jumped at the chance! They have some awesome products, including these cute Cat Coat Hangers, which I have totally got my eye on! 

After my emphatic YES, a parcel of Eccentrix Fox goodness quickly arrived in the post, all beautiful wrapped up and ready for me to tear open! Two of the products (I'll be sharing the other one with you next week - you can't have too much goodness all at once can you? ;-) ), were a pack of 60 gorgeous pieces of card bunting and 30 meters of yummy coloured twine.

All of these bright colours were totally calling out a super easy and fun bunting craft tutorial! You can never have enough bunting right?! And these pieces of bunting, some of them with their cute scalloped edges, only measure approximately an inch max, so they don't take up much room :-)

Soooooo, all you need is:

Pin (or you can just use you needle)
Card bunting
Rubber cutting mat to protect your table

Step 1: Lay all your pieces of bunting out and decide which order you would like your bunting to hang in. I alternated mine with size and then repeated the pattern I'd created.

Step 2: Take your pin or needle and push a hole in the top corner, about a 0.5cm in from the edge. Remember to keep your cutting mat underneath. Keeping the pin in the card, give it a good wiggle to stretch the hole, so that it is big enough for your needle to go through later. Check that your needle can go through. If it can't, push some smaller holes around the first hole in order to create a bigger hole.

Now repeat for the other top corner.

Step 3: Thread your needle with the twine but don't cut the twine! Thread the bunting on to your twine. If you don't want to see the twine at the top of the piece of card bunting, go in from front to back and out the other side. If you do want to see the twine, reverse this and go in from back to front. I chose to alternate this throughout. Keep threading on your bunting until you have as many as you like! 

When you've threaded all your bunting on, space the bunting out as desired, leaving a long enough tail of twine at either end, so that you have enough to hang it up with. Now you can cut the twine, hang your bunting up and ta-da you're finished!

I hope you liked this little crafty tutorial! Do send me your bunting pics as I'd love to see them!

Happy crafting!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.