Blog Gem - Sallytangle

Hello June and hello Blog Gem time! 

This month I'm over the moon to be interviewing this rather awesome blogger. Her blog is simply wonderful - the writing, the photography, the style. Sallytangle was one of the first few blogs I started following on a regular basis. I was hooked from the beginning, always checking in to catch up on the beautiful words and stunning photography. So, if like me you're eager to know more, pop the kettle on, pull up a pew and we'll begin!

Hello there Sally! Who be the face behind the blog?
Hello! I am 29 and live in a little attic flat with my Mr, in a pretty little corner of Cumbria.  I adore to write and to be creative, which is exactly why Sallytangle was born.  I am also a huge lover of anything printed,  Lady Grey tea, and walnut whips.  And I love a good sky!
Where do you go to write?
I write in our spare roomโ€ฆwhich has sort of gradually evolved into my office.  It has a slanted ceiling and a very old victorian desk positioned directly beneath a big huge sky light.  It is the most beautiful and inspirational place to write as it's so beautifully light no matter what time of day I am hiding in there! When it's warm you can also open the skylight wide and watch the city rooftops and the pretty sky.  It's one of my favourite places to be!
If you had to pack only one suitcase to take to your place of choice to live, any where in the world,  what key things would be in your suitcase and where would you go?
Gosh! I think if I could choose to go anywhere, I would take myself off up into the Highlands of Scotland, by the coast, and stay in a little stone cabin in a pine forest, over looking the rolling hills.  I would take my camera, my softest pyjamas, a copy of Alices Adventures in Wonderland and a little hamper of treats: some Lady Grey tea, a little bottle of milk, some lavendar shortbread biscuits and some bread and jam.  
What inspires you to blog? 
My day to day life.  It sounds silly but just the little tiny things we can all miss in a world where everyone has earphones in, heads down.  I can be guilty of this too but Sallytangle is intended to be half online diary and half a place to photograph and remind myself of the beautiful little things on my own doorstep.  I sort of hope it encourages others to do the same. 
What top tips would you give to anyone starting a blog?
Just be you.  Write about and photograph whatever the bobbins you want! That is the best thing about blogging, you really can do whatever you want with that little space.  Don't try and be a carbon copy of everyone elses blog, find what makes you happy and write and fill your heart with exactly that.  If your hearts not in it it shows a mile.  
Is there a story behind the name 'Sally Tangle'?
Ha!  A little bit.  I have always read blogs, and I have always written too.  I decided to start a blog and tried so many names but couldn't think of one that fit.  Each time I typed my name, Sally Crangle, into Microsoft Office it auto-corrects it to Sally Tangle.  And so I went with it.  I have sent a fair amount of emails to people and signed them Sally Tangle when I have not intended toโ€ฆa little bit embarrassing!
If you could go to a Creative Blog Award dinner with any 5 people or fictional characters (dead or alive), who would you choose? 
Gosh just FIVE?!?  That's a really tough one.  Lets see, Lewis Carroll, Willy Wonka, Celia Birtwell, Orla Kiely, and Peterpan. 
And and tea or film and wine?
I am going to be controversial and say, tea and magazine!  So I could drink lots of tea and cut up lots of things and make a beautiful moodboard.  That's my favourite thing to do.  I have to really be in the mood to read.  
Thank you so much, Sally! It's been an absolute pleasure hearing more about your world and what inspires you. I think that's the best advice about starting a blog - just be yourself. And wow, your writing space sounds fabulous - a very inspirational place to write.

I hope you've all enjoyed getting to know more about Sally's world. Stay tuned for next month's Blog Gem, which will be delving into the creative world of a fellow Etsy seller. I can't wait!

Until then, happy blogging!

All of the images and interview answers are the copyright of Sally at SallyTangle. Please do not use without seeking permission first. Thank you.