Review: Oolong Tea by The Kettle Shed

Last week I was reviewing Jasmine Tea. This week it's all about Oohlong Tea! Isn't that just the best name for a type of tea?! 

Provided by the lovely Zoe of The Kettle Shed for me to share my thoughts with you all, Oohlong arrived in this gorgeous tin, bursting with the sweet smell of pure oohlong. On the front of the tin are instructions on how much to use per cup, how hot your water should be and how long you should let it infuse for. I love this bit of detail. Not only does it help get the right flavour but it shows how much the tea is valued and respected! It's not just something to fling in a cup, it should be brewed properly!

Now, I have to confess, I've tried Oolong before and I haven't been a huge fan but I got the kettle on, my best china out and started brewing the tea in my little teapot, with an infuser. 

The tea came out a slightly darker colour compared to the Jasmine of last week. The taste was a sweet, oaky mixture. It ever so slightly reminded me of that woody taste you get from green tea but sweeter than that. I could taste that it was a good tea and that if you like Oohlong, you're going to love it! For me though, I preferred the Jasmine tea but I'm definitely going to try it some more as because it's particularly popular with tea connoisseurs!

If you're an Oohlong fan, you can pick up a tin over at The Kettle Shed and if you like tea, stay tuned for two more tea reviews coming up! Until then, happy brewing!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.