Review: Jasmine Tea by the Kettle Shed

Last year I did a review on a GORGEOUS selection of teas, supplied by The Kettle Shed. I was totally blown away by the beautiful flavours, the pretty tins they arrived in and of course, how wonderful the dried tea leaves looked. Well, the lovely Zoe of The Kettle Shed has only gone and sent me another selection of teas to review - poor me ;-) - and once again they have blown my mind!

So, like brewing tea, I've decided to not to rush through sharing each tea with you in one blog post. Instead, I'm going to share each one in its own right over the next 4 weeks and first up is Jasmine tea!

The tea arrived in a sweet refill pack, ready to pop straight into an accompanying tin. The tin is one of those decent, sturdy tins, which you could keep refilling forever....

....and boy would you want to refill it forever! The smell of the dried jasmine is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! It has a lovely, delicate, sweet aroma. It's almost got a perfume edge to it but not overpowering in the slightest. The ingredients actually contain green tea and jasmine petals, which totally surprised me as I'm not a huge green tea fan but oh, it works!

As instructed on the front of the tin, one teaspoon of jasmine tea per cup, with hot water, infused for 3 minutes produces a light, delicate colour. The taste is, well, can you describe a tea as beautiful? To me this tea is just that. The flavour has that perfect balance of a refreshing and slightly sweet taste. It certainly doesn't need sugar or milk; it's perfect on it's own and is simply delicious!
Have you ever tried Jasmine tea before? Do you have a favourite tea and do you drink loose-tea? I'd love to hear all your tea thoughts and stories!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.