Guest Post Tutorial: DIY Boys Birthday Card

The super lovely Simone from Vintage with Me is my guest blogger today and she's sharing this great boy's birthday card tutorial! 
Card and Envelope (I like using large cards size 15cms X 15cms)
Any type of Lettering Stickers
Any type of boy stickers (I used the cars from the sticker sheet shown)
A piece of blue craft foam
A piece of yellow cardstock
A piece of red cardstock
A piece of ribbon and 3 buttons (not pictured as I added these later after I assembled the card. I sometimes do that when I get crafty!)
Craft glue
Step One: 
Cut out your lettering. I like to cut out all the letters to make sure that it will fit on the card. 
Step Two:
Your lettering will read “Happy Birthday Tom”. I like to personalize my greeting cards so I chose the name Tom for this card. You can put any name that you like.
Step Three:
Choose an age for your birthday card. I chose 5 for this card. I have hand drawn a number 5 on the red cardstock.
Step Four:
Cut out the number 5. I used scissors but it was a bit difficult with the corners. For a cleaner cut you could use a scalpel.
Step Five:
Place the number 5 on the yellow cardstock and cut a circle out that is a little bigger than the number 5.
Step Six:
Cut out a circle from the blue craft foam that is a little bigger than the yellow circle.
Step Seven:
Glue the number five onto the yellow circle and then the yellow circle on the blue circle. Once that is assembled and the glue is dry, you can place it on the front of the card. I placed it on the top right hand corner.

Step Eight:
Place all the lettering and the car stickers on the front of the card. Don’t stick anything down yet! I like to check that everything will fit and the placement is good.
Step Nine:
After you have checked it all fits, you can stick everything on. I have also added some green ribbon, a few buttons and a road for the yellow car. I find that sometimes after I have assembled the card I need to add some more embellishments. 
Now you have completed the birthday card.
I have lots of fun making greeting cards. I think receiving a handmade card makes it that little bit extra special!
Thanks so much, Simone! What a fab tutorial! A great project to do with the kids as well!
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Happy crafting!