Displaying flowers

So, I was given these gorgeous flowers by a friend but could I find the glass vase for them? No, nothing. I searched high and low but it was no where to be seen. So, I decided to see what the local supermarket had on offer. On browsing the shelves, my eye got distracted by some kilner jars for £1. I'm a complete sucker for kilner jars. I use them for anything and everything, from displaying colourful food items, like chilli flakes and bright orange lentils to everyday items like teabags and cotton wool...and of course, buttons and trimmings in my studio. As I was pondering what I could use another kilner jar for before continuing to look for a glass vase, my brain suddenly caught up with me. Pow! Why a kilner jar would make an awesome vase for flowers!

So, there you go! Grab yourself a kilner jar and pop some freshly bought flowers in. If anything it's a good excuse to buy some lovely flowers...and another kilner jar!