Yarn bomb day!

Who me officer? Well, I can neither confirm nor deny that myself or my friend was in the vicinity but I must say it looks pretty darn cute don't you think? And aren't those hearts crocheted? And ooh, do I spy a rainbow theme...Richard Of York....
So yeah, after what was an awesome day at the Sewing for Pleasure show, Ruth and I decided to take a stroll around the park. It was the perfect morning for a walk .... and a bit of pre-planned yarn bombing of course, hee hee!
Ruth had to show me what to do as I was a complete novice. In fact, Ruth is the talented hands behind the crocheted hearts. You wouldn't know she hasn't done much crochet. They are the cutest, neatest, prettiest things ever! And now I've got the taste for it, so maybe there will be a few more park benches decorated by crafty hands this year!
Have you done a bit of yarn bombing? I'd love to hear all about it and do send me any pictures if you have any! 

Happy yarn bombing!