Guest Blogger: 10 DIY Lampshade Ideas by Ian Holbrooke

Today Ian Holbrooke is my guest blogger!

Ian is the owner of Premier Lampshades, a UK company specialising in bespoke, handmade fabric lampshades and repair services. He's put together a great collection of DIY lampshade ideas, which he thought you all might like to try your crafting hands at! So, without further ado, over to Ian!
Next time you gear yourself up to buy a new lampshade, take a pause for breath and ponder trying your hand at the latest home-design craze: DIY lampshades. You can make a sharp and snazzy lampshade out of almost anything! Creating something genuinely unique can be fun and challenging, as well as adding a personal touch to your home. With many blogs and articles on the subject, the popularity of DIY lampshades is snowballing… so take some inspiration from the bright ideas below and get involved!
1) The Literary Lamp

Recycle old books by pasting their pages across a plain white lampshade, to create a refined and intellectual aura by which to read some Proust, Sartre… or the TV guide.
2) The Faux Flower Lamp

Bunch together fake flower blossoms on your lamp to create a summery, natural atmosphere. You can even make your own with some simple fabric origami, securing them in place with staples or glue.

3) The Yarn Lamp

What could be simpler than spinning a yarn around your lamp? Not the made-up story kind, the woollen kind. Twine can be substituted if desired and involves minimal effort; for a more complete and unique pattern, use different coloured threads to create contrast.

4) The Wanderlust Lamp

Use a map of the Earth to paper your lampshade and have the light of the world shine into your bedroom! A similar, duller effect can be achieved by cutting a globe in half and positioning over your open bulb, creating the perfect light source to welcome home an avid traveller.

5) The Chopstick Lamp

Stockpiled a small mountain of chopsticks from all those takeaway sushi deliveries? Well, now you can put them to use by suspending them from the upper frame of your lamp, for an oriental and minimalist lampshade.

6) The Vintage Slide Lamp

Dig out those old negatives from the days before digital cameras were quite so dominant and have them converted to slides at your nearest photographic developer. Then, simply safety-pin them together and arrange around your light source, creating a retro shade to evoke nostalgic memories of the good old days.

7) The Balsa Lamp

Balsa is a pliable wood, making it easy to bend and contort around your lamp. With a little bit of invention, you can come up with some really interesting ideas and designs.

8) The Twig Lamp

Scout around in the back garden and gather today a bundle of dry twigs. Once they are cleaned off, simply arrange them around your lamp and secure either with twine or by suspension to create a rustic and ‘au naturel’ look to your room lighting.

9) The Fork Lamp

Create a trendy and modern pattern on your lampshade with a pot of paint and an old fork, imprinting the three prongs along the fabric in any sequence you desire.

10) The Cityscape Lamp

Use a stencil to draw a cityscape along the bottom of your lamp rim, leaving the rest of the shade untouched to act as your sky that will glow with its own individual 60W sun, and fall to darkness when sleep beckons.

Aren't these wonderful ideas! It's so hard to decide which is my favourite! Possibly the map of the balsa lamp for ceating a clever but subtle design. Which is your favourite? 
Thanks so much Ian, for this great DIY blog post! 
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