A bit about me and my work

I'm a self-taught designer and creator of accessories. I've learnt all my skills through hard work, practice and an overwhelming desire to learn.

My designs reflect my love of colour, pattern and texture.

All of my products are handmade by me, from start to finish. That includes going to local shops to choose fabrics before taking them home and trialing new designs. It's a long process but it's always worth going the extra mile.

I also do all of my own photography, marketing, admin and everything it takes to run a blog and online business. I'm still learning too.

The name and look of 'Adventures and Tea Parties'? 
Well, it reflects those bygone times when we would toddle off down to the bottom of the garden and get lost in our imaginations, creating whole worlds and characters, even having pretend cups of tea with them.... just making everyday an adventure. And each of my designs get sprinkled with that essence of fun and adventure. 

That's the heart of what inspires me and my designs, topped with good ol' foot stomping tunes.

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