10 things about me

1) I'm a 30 something Librarian by day. Yes, I do wear reading glasses. No, I don't wear a bun.

2) In another life I would have been either a backing dancer for Tina Turner or a drummer in a rock'n'roll band.
3) I once, at a young age (very young, I hasten to add!), went to school in my pjyamas because I was convinced they were leggings with a matching top. Never ever did I repeat that.

4) Years ago I did a dj-ing course where I learnt how to mix vinyl, not cds. For my final piece, I mixed early Tina Turner (yes, I am a fan) with some Count Five, much to the surprise of the teacher and the entire class. I think it went down well?!

5) I do a mean impression of Sivio from the Sopranos.

6) I absolutely abhor offal (except in pâté), e-books, stilton, desiccated coconut, and glacé cherries.

7) I absolutely love every flavour of crisps, avocados, cheese (except stilton - see above), record players, card and board games, victorian houses, the colours turquoise, magenta and mustard, veggie patches, brightly coloured doors.

8) My biggest two fears? Heights and public speaking.

9)  I'm obsessed with the 1985 tv series of Anne of Green Gables.

10) The last pet I owned was one guinea pig called Maggie and a rabbit named Cosmic Star Dust. They lived together for a very long time. Oh and yes, I was having a big David Bowie phase at the time of naming the rabbit.
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