It's important to stop

Working a full time job and running a full time blog and business sure can take its toll, both mentally and physically. That's why it's important to stop, take stock and recharge the batteries.

Only having the standard three days off for Christmas, I knew I had to close up my shop at a reasonable date, so that I had enough time to fulfil orders and give myself some evenings and one whole weekend off. Otherwise I would have a major energy melt down.

It was very hard not to keep my shop open until the 11th hour but I managed to stick to my guns. As a result, I had a relaxing Christmas, saw friends, spent a whole day watching films and even managed to not only finish knitting my scarf but also whip up a hat out of the left over yarn!

After my break I now feel ready for 2014! 
With this burst of energy, I've decided this is a year for knocking on doors, metaphorically speaking, and seeing where it takes me. 

What are your hopes for the new year?