Review: The Big Textile Show

A couple of saturdays ago, my bestie and I headed to the Big Textile Show in Leicestershire. Celebrating all things textile, the show promised workshops, demonstrations, talks, exhibitions, stalls and most importantly, tea and cake!

Organised by two textile mad ladies, this was the first time the event had been run. And both being a tad crazy about textiles (and tea and cake), we were a little excited to say the least!

One of the first demonstrations we came across was rag rugging and ooh, it looked addictive and I've now added it to the LONG list of crafts I want to try out. We also ambled past the weaving demonstration and was introduced to an easy-and-cheap-to-do-at-home weaving project. Here's a pic of Ruth trying it out. I'll pop some instructions up soon!

There was a good interactive demonstration - 'The Big T'. This was a big tree, which everyone could pop a home-made leaf on. We only knew about this, however, after some investigation of all the activities listed on the website. Sadly, it wasn't advertised very clearly, so not many people appeared to know about it. Anyhooo, here are some snaps of our leaves....

There was a whole host of beautiful textile art, from felt work to quilts and more. Here are a few of my favourites...

This bucket and spade was one of the highlights of the all the displays. It actually looked like it was full of water, with silver fish swimming around. Absolutely incredible!

Now, you'd probably all expect some pretty decent tea and cake at a textile show, yeah? Well, we were more than impressed by the food. There were several hot and cold food options, as well as cake. And the prices were excellent. Yum, yum!

As well as eating, we did a spot of shopping and fell in love with this basket. Aren't the colours stunning! One thing we would like to have seen though, was a bit more variety of stalls. The focus was mostly on needlework, which was great but more fabric, yarn and range of tools wouldn't have gone-a-miss.

We decided to make the most the day, so pre-booked onto one of the many workshops. We chose lace making and ooh if I thought knitting was calming, lace making nearly sent me into a trance! Run by the lovely Jenny Furlong, we learnt a half-stitch and all produced our first pieces of lace, ta-da!

There were definitely a few areas that could be improved but considering this is the first time the event was held, it was very good. Looking forward to the next one!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.