My new studio, part 1

As promised, a glimpse of my new studio!

It's a single room in my new home, which is completely dedicated to designing, making, creating, crafting, writing, photographing and other words my little zone of paradise.

As I was taking snaps to share with you all, I realised that instead of bombarding you with photos and in order to do it justice, I should split the blog post into 3 parts, so here's part 1.

This is my desk, with a fabric covered pin board above, holding all my embroidery threads (and within easy reach) and lovely, inspiring treasures. 

On the back of the door, Mr Robin kindly holds some embroidery hoops, as well as the most beautiful embroidery created by my friend Ruth. She made it for my wedding day.

Above Mr Robin is the cutest bunting I won as part of Claireabellemakes giveaway. I think it brings out Mr Robin's freckles nicely don't you think?

On my windowsill I have in easy reach my sewing box (pink with green handle in the corner), pins, scissors and a biscuit jar full of colourful thread. Oh and my first knitting project - the bear. Next to Bear sits Vladimir and Estragon the bunnies. These were knitted by lovely Ruth again.

And here's Nora the mouse. She guards a certain desk, which I'll be sharing with you in part 2!

If you've blogged about your studio/creative zone, I'd love to see it, so please do post a link below.