Exciting news!

I have some fab news to share with you all!
I have officially joined the team at This is your Kingdom as a writer and reviewer!

This is your Kingdom is a website dedicated to lovely things to see and do in the UK and is written by a great team of contributors from all around the UK.

I first came across This is your Kingdom through Kim Lawler, who only went and built their gorgeous website! As soon as I saw the beautiful designed site and had found out all about it, I was completely hooked! I then couldn't quite believe it when an email appeared asking if I would like to join the team. Yes, it's safe to say, I screamed with excitement...and of course, said yes!

I will be writing about lovely things to see and do on a monthly basis and will of course let you all know, so that you can get in there first and visit said lovely thing! If today feels like a day for exploring something new, then head on over to the site and if you're interested, you can read This is your Kingdom's little interview with me here.

Oh and just a little heads up, I'm off to sunny Portugal next week for some much needed lying horizontal on the beach with my book. I will have limited internet access until I return on Friday - just in case you were wondering why your email went unanswered. Both of my online shops are in vacation mode but you can still view my products in my Notonthehighstreet store.

Happy weekend everyone!

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