Crafting for guys

Since I started my online shop, I've been asked time and time again if I could design something for the guys out there. Friends and family have been constantly telling me that there aren't enough gift ideas for men. I'm not sure how true that is when I look at all the lovely things to buy in online shops but something I have noticed is that there aren't enough designs and gifts for guys that have been totally handmade and hand-crafted.

It's a very female centred craft and handmade revolution we're going through and it's always a surprise to find a guy who embroiders, knits etc and that sadly appears to extend to handmade gifts, which seem to be about 90% feminine in style.

Maybe it's because the crafting and handmade phenomenon is mostly made up of us ladies, so we naturally create feminine designs because we know the female population will appreciate them. 

What do you think? Am I barking up the wrong tree? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

With this in mind I have recently made it my mission to create something just for the guys. Yup, I already sell handkerchiefs, which are aimed at men and women but I wanted to go that one step further and even pop "Gentlemen" in the title of a new design. Soooo, let me introduce to you, 'The Gentlemen's Gift Set'.

Similar to my 'Accessory Gift Set', this set includes a personalised handkerchief and a pair of cufflinks in matching fabric. Currently on offer are four types of fabric to choose from - blue, red, green and mustard yellow. The set comes in lovely gift wrapping and is 100% handmade by me in my little studio.

I have plans for another gift set for the guys, so stay tuned and do let me know what you think.