Wild Cherry Tree Inspiration

On my walk to work, after I've headed over the railway bridge, I pass a good dozen or so of beautiful cherry trees.Throughout the winter months I didn't realise they were dormant fruit trees. With the arrival of summer, the trees have burst into action and are covered in gorgeous cherries! 

There are deep red ones, dark purple ones and also bright red ones, the colour of which I would describe as "cherry red". Looking at these different shades each day got me thinking whether I had that perfect "cherry red" colour among my embroidery threads. So, on Friday, as part of the lovely Anna's Creative Unite session, I decided to get my sketch pad, embroidery threads, hoop and needle out. 

I sketched various cherries, then tested out my drawings by embroidering them on to calico. I soon realised that along with that cherry red colour, I also needed the right shade of green. It was a close call but I eventually settled on this combination of red and green, with black stems and a dash of white to give the cherry a shiny appearance. 

I was so excited about my new "fruity" embroidery, that I decided to make the design into a ring and brooch and have popped both in my Notonthehighstreet and Etsy shops.

All in all, a very successful Creatives Unite session! Have you been at Anna's Creatives Unite night? I'd love to hear or see what you've made, so feel free to post a link below.

Happy crafting!

I am currently in the process of moving house, so I'm bit like the cherry ring, sat by a cardboard box as I type this. In fact, scrap that, I'm surrounded by cardboard boxes! Anyway, as the move is imminent, my shop products won't be available to purchase until the 19th August. I'm still available to contact through the usual methods, so do drop me a line if you have any questions. Cheers!