Tea and cake anyone?

I like tea. I like cake. And I LOVE going out for a tea and cake date with the girls. When I do, I like to put on an appropriate tea party dress, accompanied with some cute jewellery and an impractical but pretty handbag. Maybe even some kitten heel shoes. The whole process, from the dressing up, to the choice of cake and selection of tea, to the nattering away with the girls, is a perfect afternoon out for me. It's this heavenly type of day that has inspired me to create 'The Tea Party Gift Set'. In fact, I am really exciting to be sharing this with you! 

But what is 'The Tea Party Gift Set' I hear you cry?! Well, the gift set contains three things a lady shouldn't tea party without! 

Number 1: a personalised handkerchief

Number 2: cute button earrings

Number 3: polka dot ring

These essential tea party accessories come in a lovely gift box, complete with ribbon. The only difficult decision is choosing which colour! I have already made myself a set to go with the dress I'll be wearing to my brother's wedding next weekend! Can you guess which colour set I've gone for?