The Letter 'Chief Handkerchief!

Since I received the fabulous, helpful feedback on my handkerchief designs, I have been beavering away, using the suggestions given to improve my designs with. My handkerchief designs have basically had a complete make-over! From the way I machine sew the handkerchief square to the design of the embroidered motifs to the type of fabric used. In fact, they are officially all new and improved! Woo!

To celebrate this, I have just released my latest handkerchief design - 'The Letter 'Chief Handkerchief'. 

The Letter 'Chief is a completely personalised handkerchief, where you the lovely shopper choose the fabric and one personalised letter. I will then create your bespoke 'chief by machine sewing your handkerchief square and hand embroidering into one corner your choice of letter. Currently, I have 4 fabric choices on offer but I am more than happy to take custom orders depending on the range of fabric I have in stock. Just drop me a line if that's something you are interested in. 

As ever, I'd love to hear what you think? Do you have favourite out of the 8 fabric choices on offer?
And for those of you who like a little giveaway, the Letter 'Chief will be featuring in a big giveaway I'll be running soon! If you don't want to miss out, you can follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter and Facebook to be kept in the loop.

Happy Monday everyone!