Handkerchief giveaway review - the results!

Back in June I ran my biggest giveaway to-date. Three lucky winners were in with a chance of winning three personalised handkerchiefs each! The only catch being that each winner had to complete an anonymous questionnaire for each handkerchief and post it back to me (in a pre-paid envelope I hasten to add!), essentially reviewing what they honestly thought of my designs.

Some folk thought I was crackers making and designing nine handkerchiefs. So, why did I do it? Well, I was looking for some useful feedback or constructive criticism on the design, presentation, price and overall impression of my handkerchief designs.

And I'm so glad I did! Lots of folk entered and the three lovely winners sent back their questionnaires straight away. Not only that but Emily of Strawberry Patch Ramblings even sent me the cutest part of handmade button earrings with her questionnaire and Zoe of Floral and Feather has done a gorgeous blog post about it. Thanks ladies!

I was both excited and scared when the completed questionnaires were returned. Picture a lady who has just spent a busy day at work, walking through the front door, the door is barely shut before she rips open the envelope to read the questionnaires, handbag still in one hand, house keys still in the other. Well, that's what happened on three separate occasions. Now I think back, I'm surprised I didn't faint with anticipation and anxiety.

Sooooo, the completed questionnaires were fascinating and extremely useful. They were essentially split up into questions on the overall impression, quality of hand embroidery/fabric/machine sewing, price, packaging and further comments on my handkerchiefs. There was some agreement on certain questions but differing opinions on others and it's certainly helped achieve what I set out to do - look at how I can improve my best selling design, which I've fed straight back in to my handkerchief design process.

I would wholeheartedly recommend seeking helpful and constructive feedback to anyone who sells their designs. Yes, those online marketplaces do allow customers to review your products but, as lovely as the positive comments are, they don't really answer specific questions. A questionnaire allows you to do just that, ask those questions you're dying to ask your customers. Now, I'm not saying it's a painless process. It was a tad stressful organising and also anxiety ridden wondering whether a) anyone would enter and b) what the feedback would be like. But, if you put time aside by scheduling it into your diary, plan your questionnaire in advance and promote the competition regularly, then it's a win-win idea.

With this feedback, I feel that I am now designing and making a much improved handkerchief and will soon be releasing a brand new selection of designs! I'm super excited about this, so thanks to Anna, Zoe and Emily for your immeasurably, helpful feedback and to everyone who entered. If however, you're a tad sad not to have won, well don't worry, on the release of my design ranges, I'll be running another giveaway competition. This time, no questionnaire, just a straight forward win, so stay tuned folks!