Starting an online shop, part 2: practice, practice, practice

In part 2 of my new online blog series on starting an online shop, I am focusing on the topic of practice, experimentation and hard graft! 

Practice by no means equates to perfection because in my humble opinion, perfection does not exist but there is definitely a difference between something poorly made and something well made. 

So, you've got your idea, researched it well and are ready to get going. From my experience, I thoroughly recommend just diving on in and giving it a go. I have found that by starting, you quickly realise what works, what the obstacles are and also where the gaps in your knowledge are. So, get your tools out and start.

Don't be too despondent if on the first practice run it doesn't quite work. Look at what you've started or finished with a constructively critical eye and list what works, what doesn't work and how it can be improved. 

  • Perhaps you need to try a different approach or need to test out different tools and materials. 
  • You may even need to go back to school to learn some useful tips or fill any gaps in your knowledge. Going back to school need not be expensive remember. There is a wealth of useful tips available on blogs, video tutorials and in magazines. 
  • Why not even pick up those craft/sewing/art books sitting on your shelf - there's a whole host of knowledge lurking in them and you just might find an approach you hadn't thought of before.
  •  There are also lots of courses you can attend and sometimes having someone show you, for example, how to insert a zip, is easier in person than trying to fathom out written instructions.

The practice stage relies on much experimentation and hard work. And remember, you may need to revisit it later on down the line when you get some feedback from a buyer of your product. This will tie in with feedback, which I will be looking at later on in the series.

I hope this helps and do feel free to add any other thoughts related to the topic of practice in the comments field below.

Next month I will be looking at the subject of organisation - how best to organise your time and your space or studio, so until then, go practice, practice, practice! 

Joanna PayneComment