Starting an online shop

You’ve just punched the air and cried out loud “Yes! I will start an Etsy shop!” You’ve got an idea and it’s all really exciting. Visions of the next Cath Kidson, magazine interviews and a book deal blur your vision and you have a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit to help celebrate and calm down.

Ok, this is good. Keep that enthusiasm going, roll your sleeves up and make another cup of tea, we’ve got work to do!

Before we start in earnest, I do have a little disclaimer to share. I write this from the perspective of someone (me!) who is still learning and I intend to update these tips along the way. What I know I’ve learnt through my own personal mistakes and experiences, so I certainly don’t claim to be a professional. Indeed, you may have tips and knowledge to share, so please feel free to pop some friendly thoughts and suggestions below. Ok, now we’ve got that cleared up, lets get cracking!

As there are many aspects to starting your own online shop (be it Etsy, Folksy, NOTHS etc), I’m not going to throw the whole book at you ‘cos that would be totally unfair, slightly overwhelming and hmm, a little painful to say the least! I’m also not going to lie, there’s a lot to do but if we break it down into small steps, then it’s much more manageable.

Here are the topics I’m going to cover over the next few months:

Brain storming & research
Practice, practice, practice
Photography & presentation
Network, social media & marketing
Thick skin

If that sounds do-able, then get your notebook and favourite pen and head over here for part 1 - some much needed brain storming and research.

Jo :-) x