Guest post - Onetenzeroseven

Hello lovely Adventures & Tea Parties readers! Thank you so much for having me while the lovely Jo is taking a break :)

Today I wanted to share some tips with you about how to set up your Etsy shop.

Shop Title // A lot of sellers chose to repeat their shop name here, but the words ‘Shop Title’ are kind of misleading. Instead, select your best keywords and put them together in a sentence. My shop title is, "Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches and Hair Pins". 

About Page // Etsy introduced this fairly recently so even if you’re the most experienced seller you may have missed the memo. You can build a profile for your shop to tell the story of you and your products. Find this option by visiting the Info & Appearance and switching to the About tab. 

Product Photography // You are more likely to be featured in treasuries, especially ones that are picked for the front page, if your product is the main focus on a light background. Props can be a great way of showing off your creations, but try not to use anything that will distract your potential customers from your product. You could study the images that make it to the Front Page and see how you could apply the same principles to your work.

Listing Titles // Your most searchable keyword phrase should be first. Take my moustache earrings for example: Instead of saying, “Nickel Free Moustache Earrings” I use “Moustache Earrings, Nickel Free” which doesn’t make as much grammatical sense, but potential customers for moustache earrings are more likely to search for ‘moustache earrings’ than ‘nickel free’.

Shop Announcement // Google uses this to describe your page so fill it with keywords, but also make it friendly and inviting. Something like, “Handmade in the UK, my earrings, necklaces and other jewellery are fun, affordable, retro and kitsch.” Etsy also provide you with a handy preview of your listing on Google whilst filling this out!

Social Networks // Link your Twitter and Facebook to your Etsy shop so your customers, fans and friends have an easy access to your regular updates. The easier you make it, the more likely it is they will keep in touch. Don’t have Twitter or Facebook? You should! But that’s a lesson for another day ;)

I hope you find these tips useful. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them! And if you fancy a cuppa later, please feel free to drop by my blog at
Loves x xx