Guest post - Miss Beatrix

Hello! I'm Anna and I blog over at Miss Beatrix. After really enjoying Jo's post where she showed us round her lovely studio space recently, I thought I'd share a few snapshots of my own creative space too!

I actually craft between two rooms - my study and my sitting room. My study is the one I'm showing you round today. It used to be called The Blottery, as it's where I did all my writing and a fair bit of studying, but these days it's called The Bloggery, for obvious reasons. So, let us begin at the most important area of this little room... my desk.

And oh, how I love this desk. It's from Ikea and I had wanted it for many years before I finally had enough work to do from home to be able to justify taking the plunge! It has a glass display top, which I use for some of my plates, and trestle legs. It also tilts for a spot of artistic drawing (for which of course I remove the plates first!) My dog Beatrix often sleeps under the desk while I work, sometimes resting her chin on my in-tray.

There is a bookcase to the left of my desk. It's one of two rather over-full bookcases - the other being in my sitting room - but I think this one looks a little plain at the moment so I'm ever on the lookout for the perfect wallpaper to back it with.

I listen to a lot of music and audiobooks so I keep my headphones within easy reach of my desk.

To the right of the desk are my 'writery' books. The English graduate in me has to keep these to hand at all times! This is also where I store some of my notebooks, with my box files on the shelf above. I like to keep all my paperwork supremely organised, because it makes me veeeery stressed otherwise!

Above my door I have another bookshelf, where I keep other writery books and some more non-fiction. I got the idea from Geraldine's cottage in The Vicar of Dibley.

On the opposite wall to the desk I'm working on a gallery wall - or a gallery alcove really. This is one piece I made quite recently. It's a reminder of the qualities I want to bring to everyday life. 

I also have a baker's twine 'washing line'! This is where I hang my #PostCircle post so I can admire it all the time!

Some more pictures from my gallery wall - a favourite literary poster and some postcards from my European travels. 

To the left of my window is my magazine rack. I keep my current reads in this, where I can grab them for quick inspiration during a tea break. 

Lastly, my handmade sock croc companion! He's quite special to me because I searched high and low for plain green socks in the UK, with no luck. They ended up being the only item I brought back from a business trip to Baltimore, from Macy's, so this chap represents a special adventure. The socks weren't entirely plain, though - he has snowflakes on his toes!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my creative space, thank you so much Jo for letting me pop in!