Competition time!

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"
Nelson Mandela

Ok, so I'm starting this blog post off with a very famous quote. Don't worry I'm not going to regale you with a bit of a sob story and how I beat it. In actual fact, believe it or not, this post is all about a rather unusual competition I'm running. 

Yup, you heard right, it's...

But why the quote hey? Well, the competition kind of explains it...

I recently received some rather negative feedback about one of my best selling hankies, which really knocked me sideways. Fast forward over me having a big sob, threatening my hankies that I would jack it all in...then a good night's sleep and a bit of a think later and I decide NO, I'm not handing my resignation in to, umm, hmm, well me and myself. Instead, I'm going to take a fresh look at my designs, my workmanship and how I can improve.

Sooooo, I have hunted down different fabrics, tested out new ways of sewing my hankies, and practiced embroidering my hanky motifs and personalised options, and I need you guys to help give constructive feedback.

Three lucky winners are in with a chance of winning three hankies each. Yup, that's 3 hankies per person. I will personalise them for you and package them up in beautiful packaging. In other words three of you will win three hankies as advertised in my shop. They are worth between Β£12 - Β£16 each!

Each hanky will be made out of the different fabrics I have sourced and will be personalised with a date, three initials and one big letter as advertised in my shop. They will also come with a tick-box questionnaire. All you have to do is fill in the questionnaire anonymously, telling me what you think about each hanky you have received. The questionnaire then needs to be posted back to me using a pre-paid envelope, which you will also receive. In doing so, and this is where the quote comes into play, you will be providing me with some much needed feedback on how I can improve my hankie design. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

Competition ends midnight on the 15th June. Good luck everyone!

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