Recipe - Crab cakes and coleslaw

Ok, before I begin, I must apologise for the photo!! I seriously need to practice taking photos of's not as easy as it looks (or at least in my case it isn't!) and I'm now in deep admiration of those professional food photographers!

This recipe is super easy, reasonably priced and VERY tasty!

Crab cake ingredients (this makes 6 crab cakes):
Mashed potato - we used left over mash from the night before
Chilli - fresh or dried
Chives - fresh is best if you can
Two tins of crab

Coleslaw ingredients:
Cooked beetroot x 6
Medium carrots x 3

Mix your mashed potato, crab, chilli and chives together. Then shape them into balls and flatten slightly with your hand to form a patty shape.

Before cooking your crab cakes, start your coleslaw by grating the beetroot and carrots into a bowl. Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and mix well together.

Heat a frying pan with oil or butter, then lightly fry your crab cakes for a minute or two on each side.

You are now ready to eat, so get those cakes on the plate and serve with a generous helping of coleslaw. Yum!

Happy cooking, although there's hardly much cooking in it, so I'm going to say happy eating instead! 

Happy eating!

Jo :-) x

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