Present making

Don't you just love creating unique presents for family and friends? The whole process is, well, rather exciting! I love thinking about what a person likes or finding out more about their interests, then letting your imagination go wild with design ideas and finding all the materials, colours and tools to create those ideas with. Though, it doesn't just end there, I even enjoy wrapping the gift up and sending it off in the post with the hope (trepidation too!) that it will make someone smile.

Recently I had the joy of this process for my gorgeous, soon to be, sister-in law's birthday! I asked "randomly" what things, colours, animals etc she know, just in case I was passing a shop where a gift had her name written all over it, ha! Of course, I was finding out what she likes, so that I could create a unique birthday present.

Here are some of the things she likes:

The colour blue

With this in mind, I decided to buy a hand-made gift (I'm all for supporting independent designers out there) and make one too.

Here's what I bought from Strange Bird Designs. When it arrived, I found it very hard to put it back in the parcel - I could easily have kept it! It is the most delicate brooch, in fact beautiful. It also ticks two things off the 'like list' - a bird and the colour blue, perfect!

Here's what I designed - an embroidered horse pendant/necklace.

The tail isn't sewn down at the ends of the cotton strands, instead they flick up ever so slightly. I thought this would bring the horse to life and ensure the embroidery wasn't too flat.

I was really excited when I'd finished it and I'm now wondering whether I should explore horses and other animals to embroider for my online shops. What do you think? Is this a go-er?

Have you designed anything new recently, maybe as a gift for someone or perhaps something new for your online shop? Do send me a link to a blog post or even to your shop. I love seeing what everyone's up to!

Jo :-) x