Etsy v Notonthehighstreet

What I would love to do, more than anything, is to one day run a crafty-tea-coffee-cake-making-place type shop. Ok, so I would need to work on the name but in my dreams my shop would be filled with gorgeous hand-made designs, delicious home-made cakes and treats, the smell of fresh coffee and lovely creative people teaching all manner of creative courses. 

At the weekends, my house is filled with the smell of fresh coffee, a knitting project sits happily on the kitchen table and my studio desk is covered with the latest order from my Notonthehighstreet shop. This is as close as it gets to my crafty-tea-coffee-cake-making-place type shop of dreams. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with it but I'm always trying to edge that little bit closer to my dream scenario by improving my designs, keeping my blog fresh and looking out for opportunities.

It's exciting and fun following this path but it's also bloomin' hard work and you can sometimes find yourself wondering: "is it worth it?" I guess, however, if Notonthehighstreet hadn't approached me last year, I think I would have thrown the towel in. Why? Well, put quite simply - not only do I get orders but I get custom orders to boot too. This keeps me going on my adventure in the world of crafts, blogging and sales.

My Etsy shop on the other hand, zilch, zero, nothing, i.e. not one sale. I really don't get it. The products and photos are the same, the prices identical, even the product descriptions are the same. I promote it as much as I do my Notonthehighstreet shop. This weekend I even had an Easter special sale - 15% of EVERYTHING and still nothing. 

I'm starting to wonder whether my Etsy shop is too lost in the vast empire that is Etsy, whereas Notonthehighstreet promote themselves everywhere and not only do they hand select designers to sell on their website but they only accept a very small percentage of applications. Could it simply be down to this or is my Etsy shop missing something? 

I would love to hear what folks think. Have you had a similar experience? Any advice, feedback, and top tips would be much appreciated!

Jo :-) x

** I have not been paid or asked to write this post by either company. I am simply trying to figure out the differences, therefore the opinions written are my own.**