Review: Crafty Magazine

As soon as I found out about this new craft magazine and before you could say "crafty", I'd got myself a copy and read it from cover to cover! Yup, I jest you not, I read it in one sitting, making appropriate coo-ing and ahh-ing noises throughout. It is utterly gorgeous.

As I know a lot of my lovely blogging friends have written some awesome reviews of this magazine already, I've decided to keep my review short and sweet...and also to challenge my writing skills! ;-) So, here's a summary of Crafty magazine in one sentence:

A magazine that supports the crafting revolution, bringing projects, reviews and interviews to the ever keen crafter who likes craft to be fun, unique, approachable and which doesn't break the bank balance.

Ok, so here are eight more phrases or thoughts that come to mind:


Beautiful photography

Great links

Mixed media


Great writing style

Matt, not glossy finish = yay!

Free crafting material given with each issue = double yay!

So there you go! And guess what's on sale now? - issue two! Here's a sneaky peek of the front cover!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.