My first #Post Circle letter

Last week I received my first letter as part of the aweseome-ness that is Miss Beatrix's #Post Circle club. If you don't already know about this, head over here to check it out. 

I was soooooooooo excited when I came home to find a lovely, inviting letter waiting patiently for me. Before I had even put my bag down, kicked my shoes off and popped the kettle on, I had dived into the envelope to find the sweetest letter, written on the cutest paper. And not just that but some little treats as well! My lovely letter writer had researched my need for tea and craft and popped some in for me. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tonight I plan on writing my second letter as part of both Anna's #Post Circle and #Creatives Unite groups. The latter of which starts in 15 minutes, so I better go find some lovely paper, my favourite pen and get writing.

Happy Thursday everyone!
Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x
Joanna Payne6 Comments